T h e N e x t G e n



Internet of Things (IoT)

The NextGen provides enterprise and user a range of IoT applications, including an open source operating system, EC-IoT gateways and smart home gateways, an IoT link management platform, and IoT network connectivity tools. Instead of providing IoT applications, developing or reselling industry devices for E2E IoT solutions, we focus on building a strong IoT ecosystem and working with partners to integrate IoT solutions into industry and speed up the IoT industry's marketing.


The NextGen IoT system embraces both fixed and wireless access modes, helping to install omnipresent network slices, fulfill the demands of mass IoT, and adapt to different implementation scenarios. For example, smart metering requires extra-long standby time, whereas video surveillance and unmanned driving are in need of mobile broadband and ultra-low latency. Creating multiple access modes helps fulfill different requirements for different scenarios.
Using IoT, cloud computing, and big data technologies, we're launching an IoT link management platform that offers secure, unified network access, serves a variety of devices, and handles huge data collection and analysis. These enhanced functions allow customers to create new value from IoT connections.

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