About Us

We are from odisha started dancing since 2016 in the streets of puri, doing new styles such as dance hall a jamaican culture, afro-an african culture, electro, lite feet and new generation hiphop. Binayak Das who is the founder of our crew. You can check our all videos to subscribe our youtube channel Next gen. boyz

Our Team

  • Binayak Das

  • Sritam Rath

  • Breaker Jaga

  • Dabasis Nayak

  • RJ Biswajit

  • Sekhar

  • Chandra Sekhar





Video Production


Types of Dance

Electro Dance

Otherwise known as tecktonik and Milky way is a Frenetic Quirky form of street dance typically performed to electro house...

Afro House

Afro house originates from Angola,but is danced to in a lot of african countries so multiple varionta exists Afro house is a...

Dancehall Dance

Dancehall daance is a street dance style primarily performed to dancehall music and evolved as part of dancehall culture. It...

House Dance

House dance is a social dance and Street dance primarily danced to house music that has roots in the...

New Gen Hiphop

Hiphop is added with some groovy steps to make it the new generation hiphop such as follows ....


Litefeet also referred to as "getting lite" is a type of breakdance / street dance / vernacular dance...

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Contact us

  • + 91 955 6616 177

  • info@thenextgen.in